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Site Clearance  

Building a Sustainable Tomorrow, Today.

Where Sustainability Meets Satisfaction: MRF Contracting

With years of expertise and a track record of successful historic initiatives, you can trust that you're in capable hands.


Proud members of the Arb Approval Scheme 

MRF Contracting's membership in the Arboricultural Assurance Scheme demonstrates their commitment to upholding industry best practices and ensuring the highest standards of tree care and environmental responsibility.

MRF Contracting are a leading company in mechanised tree and land clearance; we create and develop innovative methods for these services. Our clients select us for our unwavering commitment to safe, compliant, and efficient operations, all the while placing the utmost respect for the environment we are working within.

Our highly experienced teams specialise in ecologically sensitive mechanised tree and vegetation clearance, extending their expertise across the country. We excel in undertaking land clearance services in various challenging locations.

At MRF Contracting, safety is of paramount importance. All our management and operational staff are fully qualified and trained in their roles, ensuring that the highest safety standards are diligently maintained throughout our operations.

We work closely with our clients during the planning stage of a project to ensure that work can be completed safely and efficiently and often assist clients with programs and pricing. Our ecological teams can help ensure that our clients maintain compliance throughout their work, and where necessary, we can assist or manage the environmental permits required for the work.

Mechanical Clearance

Some key Machinery 
  • Excavator Tree shears (from 2.5t - 30+t)
  • Excavator timber grabs (from 2.5t - 30t) 
  • Excavator forestry flails (from 8t - 14t) 
  • Ahwi Forestry Mulcher (360HP)
  • McConnel Robot M600 robotic mower/mulcher
  • Timber trailers
  • Bandit 255xp tracked chipper
  • Forst tr8 tracked chipper
  • Heizohack 8-400k biomass chipper
  • Kuhn front mounted heavy duty mower
  • Major MJ2000 Flail Collector

Excavator tree shear
Bandit 255xp Chipper
Timber Grab
360HP tractor mounted Forestry Mulcher
McConnel Robot (with Forestry head on) 
Timber trailer
Forst Tr8 Chipper
Front mower (with side arm flail)
Flail collector 

Why use MRF Trees

You should consider MRF Contracting for your site clearance and tree works because they bring a wealth of experience, a highly skilled team, and a strong commitment to safety and environmental responsibility to every project, ensuring efficient and responsible land management.

Our commitment to Health and Safety and £10,000,000 public liability allows us to work on complex sites for demanding clients.