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Arboriculture or Site clearance?

Arboriculture is a specialist field that centres on the care and management of individual trees. Arborists, experts in arboriculture, are trained to assess the health and well-being of trees, offering services such as pruning, tree surgery, and tree preservation. The primary objective of arboriculture is to ensure the vitality and longevity of trees, making it a crucial practice in urban and natural settings. Arborists utilise their expertise to promote tree health, prevent diseases, and manage the growth and maintenance of trees, all while considering the safety and aesthetics of the surroundings.

Site clearance, conversely, is a more extensive service involving the removal of trees, vegetation, and other obstructions from an entire area or site, typically to prepare it for a specific purpose like construction or land development. Site clearance encompasses the clearing of trees, shrubs, undergrowth, and debris from the selected location. This process often necessitates the use of heavy machinery and a methodical approach to ensure that the site is entirely cleared of all vegetation and obstacles. Unlike arboriculture, which aims to preserve and care for individual trees, site clearance aims to create a clean slate for a new project, taking into account practicality, safety, and efficient land use.

In summary, arboriculture focuses on the care and management of individual trees, promoting their health and longevity, while site clearance involves the systematic removal of vegetation and obstructions from a larger area to prepare it for development or other purposes. Both play vital roles in various aspects of land management and construction.

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Why use MRF Trees

You should consider MRF Contracting for your site clearance and tree works because they bring a wealth of experience, a highly skilled team, and a strong commitment to safety and environmental responsibility to every project, ensuring efficient and responsible land management.

Our commitment to Health and Safety and £10,000,000 public liability allows us to work on complex sites for demanding clients.